Boiled Eggs & Soldiers!


Boiled eggs and soldiers was what I grew up with having for dinner on Sunday nights and now I’m passing the tradition on.  We don’t always have it of course, but after a big lunch there is not much room left in the tummy (or the inclination to cook anything else) by the end of the day.  Eggs are good for you and a quick & easy meal.

Do you have any tips for the perfect boiled egg?  I think 4 minutes is the right time for how we like them here at Boiled Eggs & Soldiers HQ – they are still a little bit soft without being too runny.

Some TIPS on eggs in general….

Ideally, if you can, choose eggs from free-range or organically raised chickens. Eggs should be stored the in the fridge and can be kept for up to a month (not that they last that long around here, I’m forever buying eggs!). Finally, fresh eggs sink in water, stale ones float!


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