Dukkah Croutons


A friend gave me a packet of Dukkah Croutons last week which were amazing – I was eating them straight out of the bag before they even got a chance to go in a meal.  I thought that they couldn’t be that hard to make myself and guess what they’re not!  Happy days as they are yummy.

These add a delicious texture and flavour to soups but would also be lovely in a salad or as I did, just on their own (have been trying to stay off bread for a while but these broke me!).

They are so easy to make, only take a few minutes and really add a little bit extra to your dish.

All you need is some;

bread, olive oil, dukkah

Step 1 – toast some bread, any will do.  I had some crusts in the bottom of the bread bag so used those just make sure it’s nice and thick.

Step 2 – heat some olive oil in a fry pan, I used 1 Tbsp per slice of bread and then just a little glug extra for luck! Tear up your toast into bite sized chunks and put in the pan.


Step 3 – Fry on on one side for about 1 minute and then flip over making sure all are covered with the oil.  Then add 1 tsp of dukkah per slice of bread – I used store bought dukkah this time, may attempt to make my own another time, or may not!


Step 4 – Cook with the dukkah for about 1 minute then take out of pan and drain on some kitchen paper and let cool.  They will harden up.

Store in an air tight container for 1 – 2 weeks


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