Lovely Lemon Curd & some sweet ways to use it


We love lemons around here and after being given bag loads of them I’ve been tested to come up with ways to put them to good use.  Lemon Curd is simply divine, I’m going to have some slathered on an English muffin right now and a cup of tea!

If you have a Thermomix it’s incredibly easy to make in 8 minutes!  I use this recipe from Seana Smith who I believe got it from Tenina.

It’s great to have a jar of lemon curd handy to whip up a sweet treat when you are limited on time.

I often use it as a quick and light dessert with some fresh ricotta, almond biscotti and berries. Pile them all on the biscotti enjoy.


But also when I have no time and need something special I grab a packet of the pre-made pastry cups and put a dollop of lemon curd in and a berry on top and voila!



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