Many ways with English Muffins


English Muffins are something we get stuck into in winter around here.  They are good for any meal really so are handy to have in your repertoire when time is short or inspiration is low.  Do you like them?


For breakfast they are lovely plain with a poached egg on top or boiled egg mashed into it.  Or like in the photo with honey on one and peanut butter and apple on the other.  Honey & banana is another good one or ricotta and strawberries.

Lunch, Dinner or Snacks

You can use them as pizza bases with some tomato paste, cheese and ham on top (or your favourite pizza topping). These would be ok cold in a lunchbox too. Avocado & pear is nice as is goats cheese or fetta with some avocado & dukkah, they are good as tuna melts or with some chutney and melted cheese on top.  Any of your favourite sandwich fillings would work too. Mmm making me hungry now

If you have any suggestions to add I’d love to hear them.

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