Day in day out, sandwiches!  Do they get eaten in your kids lunch boxes?  Mine go through phases of only eating vegemite sandwiches and won’t have a bar of anything else, some days it’s crusts on, some days it’s ‘I never eat crusts Mummy”, some days it’s “I don’t like the seeds” and some days they actually get eaten, yippee!

Sandwich fillings are a hot topic in the playground with both the kids and the sandwich makers!  It’s great if you can get some protein into them but as in my case not always successful. Here is a list of some suggested sandwich fillings for you but please let us know what you do as we are all always looking for inspiration!

vegemite (with or without cheese)

ham or ham & cheese

salad & cheese

chicken, avocado & cheese

chicken patties

roast beef, mustard & salad

chicken schnitzel strips, avocado & lettuce

cream cheese & some meat

Hummus & salad

tuna & salad

hard boiled egg mashed with mayo or avocado

ricotta, honey and banana or strawberry slices

turkey, cranberry and cheese

cream cheese and chopped apple

chicken & pesto (nut free)

*I have kept these nut free for school but peanut butter is also great especially with some cheese and apple



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