Scones – Gluten Free for afternoon tea


Scones are quick to make and a delight to eat especially slathered in jam or lemon curd.  Today I was looking for something to make as an after school snack and with only an hour to go before pick up time it had to be something that could be made quickly and gluten free.  My girls are really into spreading their own toppings on things for some reason at the moment (whatever floats their boats right?) anyway, I though scones would be a good home made alternative to raisin toast, crumpets or English Muffins which are also on high rotation here these days.

I was dubious as to how GF scones would turn out as there is always the tendency to be a bit dry with GF cooking.  Luckily, I found a great Thermomix recipe on Jo Whitton’s Quirky Cooking site .  Jo uses coconut milk which I didn’t have time to make today but as we don’t have dairy issues I just substituted it with cows milk.  Click here for her delicious recipe

If you don’t have a Thermomix here is a more traditional method from – to make them GF just substitute the flour with a GF flour

These would also be quite fun the kids to make so we will no doubt be doing some more of these in the school holidays!

This is what mine looked like going into the oven …not much finesse used today so let’s call them the rustic version


And this is what they looked like 15 minutes later – ok, so it’s not a glamour shot but we all know where they will be in half an hour!




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