Wraps in the house


Lunch boxes… where do we start?  I find school lunches the most challenging especially as one girl has a low tolerance for gluten.  My kids aren’t huge sandwich fans but you get what you get and you don’t get upset right?  I do try to mix it up for them but usually the only filling that they want is vegemite – good Aussie kids that they are.

We have sip and crunch at our school so they always have some fruit and vegetables in the lunch box. I try to put some form of healthy treat in for recess and then rotate between sandwiches, wraps, patties, pitta pockets, toasted pitta pockets as crisps, leftover chicken wings or lamb cutlets and the best day canteen lunch order!

Question, can anyone recommend a decent gluten free wrap that doesn’t look or taste like cardboard, I’m on the hunt?

Anyway here is a list of some wrap filling suggestions but I’d love to hear what you wrap too?

  • vegemite (with or without cheese)
  • ham or ham & cheese
  • salad & cheese
  • chicken, avocado & cheese
  • roast beef & salad
  • chicken schnitzel strips, avocado & lettuce
  • cream cheese & some meat
  • Hummus & salad
  • tuna & salad
  • hard boiled egg mashed
  • ricotta, honey and banana or strawberry slices
  • turkey, cranberry and cheese
  • cream cheese and chopped apple
  • chicken & pesto (nut free)

*I have kept these nut free for school but peanut butter is also great especially with some cheese and apple


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