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Lunch boxes…..this could be an endless conversation, tedious as that may be, so this post is not the be all and end of lunch boxes just some tips & ideas to get us back into the routine after a lovely few weeks of holidays.

We have “sip & crunch” at our school, do you?  This usually involves some crunchy (funny that) fruit & veggies and water.


Recess is next and I do usually have something baked for the girls and some more fruit.  I most definitely don’t bake every day, but I do make things that get us through a few days at a time, have a stash in the freezer or when I don’ t have anything I put in things like popcorn, yoghurt, hummus & crackers or museli bars.


Lunch is sandwiches , wraps or pita pockets (click on the links for filling ideas) on high rotation or I try to mix it up a few times a week as my kids aren’t big fans of sandwiches – some parts or all of it makes it’s way home again which is sooooo frustrating! I do Zucchini slice or Zucchini Pasta slice quite a bit, dinner left overs made into patties, savoury muffins, home made sausage rolls, risotto balls, sushi, frittata’s and various toppings on English muffins.  It’s good to try to get some protein into their lunch as their bodies need it to get through the afternoon – cheese sticks, frittata’s or a yoghurt are good for this if they don’t do meat in their sandwiches.  On my Recipe page I have a “Lunch Box Ideas” drop down which has loads more ideas too.

Below are a few suggestions (with photo’s!) to ease you back into it, or if you’d like to follow my weekly menu plans  so you don’t have to think about it ever again please do, that’s what it’s there for.  But for now here are 6 of mine…


  • Sip & Crunch – doesn’t change much but we try to use what’s in season
  • Popcorn (separated by a silicon muffin patty) & orange quarters
  • Individual Frittata/Quiches


  • Sip & Crunch
  • Banana Loaf – traditional & gluten free version
  • Ham, cheese, avocado & baby spinach sandwich


  •  Sip & Crunch
  • Coconut Loaf
  • Mountain Bread with lettuce, avocado & ham, Babybel cheese & apple




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