Croissants – a journey & Nigella’s quick Chocolate ones


I was inspired by the upcoming Bastille Day to think about traditional french food. Brief history lesson, Bastille Day is the French national day celebrating the start of the French Revolution by the storming of the Bastille in 1789.  The French call it La Fete Nationale and while it has absolutely nothing to do with croissants it made me think about them, I don’t indulge too often and until now had never bothered to attempt to make them.  Have you ever made croissants?  I was thinking that if I’m trying to make a go of it as a “foodie blogger” then I should give croissant making a go.  I have discovered some fabulous methods and recipes along the way and gained a new found admiration for the croissant bakers out there.  Keen to share the croissant journey with me?  Read on..

First, I found this recipe first by the Weekend Bakery for the Classic French Croissant and thought fantastic it’s step by step but then realised it required 3 days – I’m sure they taste amazing and I love the details they give for each step and the video lesson but I needed something a little more low maintenance.

Next I came across Top It With Cinnamon’s how to make croissants step by step guide with little videos of each step – you can’t go wrong with this one and the photo’s of the croissants really are as pretty as she says but, again, it looks like they take over 24 hours to make so not sure about trying those ones even though I’m sure they would taste divine.  However, just a comment on the blog more than the recipe, Izy the blogger is still a teenager in full time study and has this lovely blog on the side. I find that amazing and inspirational – go girl!

It seemed like there was no getting away with making them in less than 2 days but then I remembered watching Nigella   making them within 30 minutes so I thought if she is happy doing that then who am I to argue?  Right? I’m sure the French may have an opinion especially as it’s using store bought pre-made pastry but these are the ones I attempted given limited time –  Nigella Lawsons Mini  Chocolate Croissants – use her recipe but you can follow my step by step photo guide if you need to or step out your door, go to the bakery and buy some!

Ta Da! Finished product first, mine ended up looking a bit more like baked crabs but they tasted good.


Step 1 – get your premade puff pastry out of the freezer and defrost


Step 2 – cut the pastry into squares, then triangles and put a piece of chocolate on the widest edge, roll over the pastry to form a line and then bend it into a croissant shaped cresent.


Step 3 – place all the “croissants” on a lined baking tray & bake in the oven for 15 minutes – that’s it!





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