DIY Sushi – If I can you can, really


Ok, so I bought the sushi in this photo (I’ve only made it once so “baby” sushi looking that perfect is a bit of a stretch)  but everything from here on down is all my doing.  Years ago I was given a sushi making kit by my mother-in-law but never got around to using it until this week.  Our school canteen took sushi off the menu (that is another topic for discussion) and so that left very few gluten free options, that, and given we don’t have any sushi places I can get to easily before school,  I thought now is the time to give it a go.  Also given sandwiches are still not given much love from my girls I needed some more alternative options.

The sushi was surprisingly a success, putting tamari sauce in a click lock container in the school bag, not so much!

I was assisted in my sushi making with a rectangular frame, it was part of the kit that was given to me, I think you need that (it is made by “Sushi Express”) or the Sushi kit including the bamboo mat that supermarkets sell – I saw one yesterday for $11.

If you are not into rice but still want to make sushi check out this delicious looking quinoa sushi from the talented lady at My New Roots (one of my favourite foodie sites) I’m definitely going to try to do it.

So here we go…

Step by Step guide for beginner DIY Sushi Makers

Step 1 – make the rice

You need to use the special sushi rice which you can get from the supermarket.

1 cup makes at least 3 big rolls


Rinse the rice under cold water so wash of the excess starch.

Put it in a saucepan and cover with 1 1/2 C water and bring to the boil, stir with a wooden or silicon spoon (metal hurts the rice apparently ).  Reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 10 – 15 minutes until all the water is absorbed.

Remove from heat and stand covered for 5 minutes.

Transfer the rice to a ceramic bowl (metal reacts with the vinegar you are about to add)

Add 1/4 C sushi seasoning or follow this recipe to make your own, mix it through and let the rice cool (but don’t put it in the fridge).

Step 2 – Assemble the sushi roll

You will need a packet of Nori sheets (seaweed, most come in packs of 10)

Place in front of you with the longest edge closest to you and the glossy side facing down.  Put the plastic frame in the centre of the Nori sheet or if you are using the bamboo follow instructions here.  Spread the rice inside the frame so that it’s half full.


Put a layer of your filling in next, I used tuna in one an avocado and cucumber in another


Cover the filling with more rice to the top of the frame making sure all the filling is covered.

Moisten the flat side of the sushi frame lid with water so the rice doesn’t stick and then put it in the frame.  Push the lid fown with your thumbs while pulling up the frame with your fingers and you will be left with a “rice cake”

sushi-step-3-webRemove the lid

Lightly moisten (there’s that word again) the top edge of the Nori sheet with water.  Fold the bottom edge over the rice and then fold the top over so that the Nori is wrapped all the way around.

Roll the sushi over with the doubled up side facing down and gently press the Nori so the rice sticks to it and softens.

sushi-step-4-webSet the finished roll aside for about 10 minutes before you slice it up.  This allows the moisture from the rice to soften the Nori which makes it easier to cut.

When you are ready to cut wet the blade of the knife as that makes it easier to cut and run it under the tap between each slice.



If you are not going to eat it immediately wrap the rolls in cling wrap and put in the fridge.  Sushi will keep at room temperature for up to 3 hours unless you have used seafood and/or mayonnaise.

Apparently (as I have not yet tried) if you want to make smaller rolls just use less rice in your layers.

So what do you think?  Will you DIY Sushi?  If you already do any tips?


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