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I love it in winter when we can pull out all the favourite recipes for Soup Season.  Soup hits the spot on a cold day don’t you think? Usually they are easy to make and can be so healthy and nutritious.  You can put almost any vegetable into a soup so if you have fussy ones that don’t normally eat veggies they might in a soup (you never know your luck).  The cooking process of soup means that much of the nutrients and vitamins are conserved and there are scientifically backed healing properties of bone stocks (or broths) which are the basis of a lot of soups.  If you are serving up a soup as the main meal then it’s best if you can try to get a protein into it like lean meats, beans or nuts to make it a well balance meal.  Nutrition lesson over…..

Most soups can be frozen which is fantastic when you need a meal and are short on time. Also chicken soup really is good for the soul and here is a link to a lovely one that oozes health benefits as well “Fall off the bone Chicken Soup” from Eat Drink Paleo!

Here is my list (click through for the recipes) of my current Top 10 Soups.  I’d love to hear what your favourite soup is and please feel free to share the recipe too.

  1. This winter I’m loving Leek, Cauliflower & Chicken Soup with some parmesan sprinkled on top

Leek, Cauliflower & Chicken Soup

2. This Carrot, Parsnip & Cashew Soup is packed full of flavour

Carrot Parsnip & Cashew Soup

3. Minestrone is a fabulous complete & filling meal in itself and I especially love it as our girls eat it without any fuss at all

4. This Chicken, Bean & Pasta Soup (pictured above) is also so filling – I’ve just pulled some out of the freezer now for lunch

5. The one that my husband and friend Janie love White Bean & Chorizo Soup

White Bean & Chorizo Soup

6. I would be remiss not to include a Pumpkin Soup.  I jazz this one up with some Dukkah Croutons which you have got to try.

Pumpkin Soup with Dukkah Crutons

7. The old classic Pea & Ham with the real and a cheats version

8. Curtis Stone has a lovely Carrot  & Orange Soup recipe which I have adapted for the Thermomix, the Proscuitto Crisps are a special little extra touch (both recipes are on the post)

Carrot and Orange Soup

9. Moving to a little bit more of a Thai influence 3 C’s Coconut, Chickpea & Cauliflower Soup .  This soup got my first ever comment on the blog (from Cousin Bronnie) luckily it was a positive review, thanks Bron!

10. Last but not least I did this soup when coming off a juice detox, it’s so good for you and also has a Thai influence Detox Thai Soup.

Winter Warmers; 10 Super Soups

What is your favourite soup at the moment and how do you make it?


5 comments on “It’s Soup Season – my current Top 10

  1. Jane
    July 10, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    So… I think you’ve forgotten another one I loved. Broccoli, quinoa, dashi… and something else I can’t remember. Please post that one! xx

    • Vicki
      July 10, 2014 at 9:47 pm

      Ah yes the “Miracle Soup” the missing ingredient is chicken – will dig it out and post it! x

  2. Jane
    August 10, 2014 at 9:29 pm

    I made that fall off the bone chicken soup… Love it! I added another litre of water and have leftover stock. Thanks Vicki!

    • Vicki
      August 11, 2014 at 1:42 pm

      That’s great I still have to try it. I’ve just tried to recreate the “Miracle Soup” so will post about that later today. x

  3. Vicki Junk
    July 12, 2017 at 10:18 pm

    I tried broccoli and cheese soup while in the US recently. Delicious! I also love a good Harira 😋

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