Porridge straight up


Is there anything more filling and warming than a bowl of porridge on a cold day?  Do your kids eat it?  This was my breakfast today, the only things my kids will eat in this picture is the strawberry though but we keep trying!  If you like a green smoothie here is my usual recipe.

My husband has porridge every day but uses water, it has taken me a long time to get used to that, he left early today so I got to make it how I like it, with milk & a bit of LSA sprinkled through it.

I went on a girls weekend to Hobart about 18 months ago and came home with this Spurtle, stay with me here…apparently it is a traditional Scottish way of stirring porridge. Is it?  As you can see we’ve used it a lot!


Have you ever used a Spurtle?

For those with a Thermomix the 11 minutes it takes to make is great, time to get in and out of the shower at least. What is your favourite way to make porridge?

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