3 Yoghurt “Parfaits” for breakfast (or dessert)


Breakfast!  We try to be healthy and nutritious in the mornings but often time is not on our side.  How about you? Yoghurt ticks all the boxes for us it’s quick, easy, tasty and with lots of options for toppings too.  My top 3 this week are below


This one is Greek Yoghurt, a squeeze of honey, a shake of cinnamon and a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds.  A bit of gourmet in the morning!  Is also great for brunch or as a dessert, too easy!


I’m loving Sonoma Bakery’s Spelt Maple & Almond Muesli at the moment and I often have it on some Greek Yoghurt topped with strawberries.  The muesli is expensive but it’s sooo yummy and I only have a little bit at a time so I can make it last!  Each week I keep meaning to make my own but haven’t quite got around to it as yet.  Do you make your own muesli?  Keen to share the recipe?


This was todays bit of deliciousness.  I had made some lemon curd earlier in the week for something else and always have a supply of LSA in the fridge (both made in the Thermomix but shop bought is fine).  I just put a layer of lemon curd, followed by Greek yoghurt, sprinkled with LSA, more yoghurt and topped with LSA and another dollop of lemon curd.  It’s quite indulgent so could also double as a dessert – I waited until everyone had left the house to have this as I didn’t want to share!

(If you like the glassware & napkins in the first 3 photo’s they are from Humble Beginnings in Randwick, NSW who kindly lent them to me to use as props.  So pretty aren’t they .  I love that shop!)

Do you have any special ways with yoghurt?  Want to share them….

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