Eat Your Greens!


We seem to have broccoli most nights around here.  Which is great and I love that the girls like it but every night it gets a bit BoRING so it’s good to mix it up a bit don’t you think?  Well, it got me to thinking to widen our repertoire, would you like me to share?  Here goes….


This photo is of Avocado Pesto, Miss Fussy 5 won’t touch avocado but eats this right up, she has no idea.  I use it a lot in Chicken Pesto Pasta, last week I also posted about  Kale & Walnut Pesto to go with a Tortellini dish.  I have another favourite pesto using peas which is also delicious as a dip or sandwich filler.

Asparagus isn’t something my girls will eat – they did try it but I ruined it by telling them it makes your wee smell so that was the end of that! I still use it when we make this super simple Chicken & Asparagus Spaghetti dinner.  Did you know that asparagus is up there in regards to health benefits with kale, avocado and brussell sprouts?  No, I didn’t either but it’s full of nutrients and anti-oxidents, it’s a good source of folate, fibre and Vitamins A, C, E and K so there you go.  I will be trying again with the girls.


I love peas, do you? I have fond memories of dinner in my childhood of lamb cutlets, peas, corn and mashed potato.  Mum had a stand up grill that would sit on the bench top and smoke the house out (in the days before smoke alarms), all the fat would drip out the bottom and she would collect it, refrigerate it and then have drippings on toast!!!  How revolting! Mum wouldn’t dream of doing that now, would you???  We still have lamb cutlets quite a bit around here as well as bangers and mash and peas.  Last week I made “Mushy Peas” for Multicultural Day at the girls school.


I also often put peas into my Bolognese and Shepherds Pies too (broccoli, corn, mushrooms, capsicum etc too).


Yesterday I made this Pea & Fennel Soup for lunch (YUM) and I’m also a bit partial to Pea & Ham and Pea & Zucchini Soups too.  That makes a nice segue into the Zucchini Omelette I made this week and then of course that leads us to Zucchini, Bacon & Cheese  Slice and Zucchini Bread.


I would be in poor form if I didn’t mention Kale (again!) We love Kale chips around here and I put my hand up to loving it in a Green Smoothie a few times a week too.

In summer we eat a lot of baby spinach in salads and we are growing our own lettuces, herbs and celery in the veggie patch at the moment (can’t share a photo because of the RAIN!).  GT has cabbage almost every day, I do not, can’t stand it, do you like it?  The girls always have cucumber sticks in their lunch boxes and love to snack on them too.


It’s always a bit of a rush after swimming lessons (you thought I was finished didn’t you, sorry read on…) so I try to do something quick and easy, last night it was Beef, Broccoli and Green Beans stir fry – takes all of 10 minutes to make and is a winner every time.  The girls love using their chop sticks to eat this too.


I’m inspired to do some things with Broad Beans too, any ideas?

So there you have it.  What’s your favourite green?  Do you have a recipe to share?

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