Lunch with left overs – beef patty, pesto & cheese mini burgers


We had meatballs for dinner last night & I used some of the mince mixture to make mini burger patties at the same time.  I’ve just whizzed up some avocado pesto for tonights Chicken Pesto Pasta – it’s amazing how productive you can be when you have an unexpected day trapped at home with a sick child!

Because Miss M is sick (that awful head cold going around) I’ve gone to the effort to use cookie cutters to make the burger shapes with the hope that she will eat them, don’t think I would be bothered doing that normally!

I just toasted some bread as I don’t have any buns (and can’t get out) but dinner rolls or pita pockets would do nicely with this too.  Layer on some avocado pesto, next comes the beef patty a slice of cheese and more bread on top and you are done!  A very quick and easy and healthy burger!

Do you want some fries with that?



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