Strawberry &/or Raspberry Smoothies


This is turning into “My week of breakfasts”! Do you do smoothies?  We all slept in this morning which NEVER happens in this house (by sleep in I mean 7.05am but I’m high fiving that) so it was a rush to get out the door this morning.  The girls are notoriously slooooooow eaters so I thought that they could drink their breakfast this morning.  I try and have a green smoothie every few days but the girls won’t have a bar of green so I gave pink a whirl – WINNER!


You can really do any combination you like but, first up, were these ones with 110 g (about 6) fresh strawberries, a big dollop of greek yoghurt (about 1/2 C) 1 cup milk and a tablespoon of honey. Whizz them all around in a blender until smooth or in the Thermomix 10 seconds / speed 8.  Makes 2

As I needed more and I was on a roll we went for even brighter pink using raspberries…


Rabby joined us for breakfast (is now in the washing machine).  She also liked these Raspberry Smoothies. 1 C frozen raspberries, big dollop (about 1/2 C) greek yoghurt, 1 Tbsp Chia seeds (I figured that they would mix in with the raspberry seeds, 1 Tbsp honey and 1 C milk.  Same as before whizz in the blender on a high speed until smooth or Thermomix 12 seconds / speed 9. Makes 2

Variations – you could use buttermilk instead of the yoghurt, almond milk instead of cows, maple syrup instead of honey and do a combination of strawberry & raspberries together or go blue and do a blueberry & banana smoothie – maybe we will have that tomorrow!  If you can’t have diary any of the yoghurts of milks could be substituted with coconut yoghurt or milk. The combinations are endless!

These are a great, filling, quick, easy and healthy breakfast on the go.

Do you smoothie?  What’s your favourite combo for kids?  What’s your favourite for you?


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