A weekend in the country including many food failures!


This weekend we left the rainy bogland of Sydney and headed out to our friends farm in Goulburn, where apart from being cold, spring was well and truly sprouting in all it’s gloriousness and the sun was shining.  It was wonderful to spend the Father’s Day weekend with special friends and for the kids to roam free, ride horses and breathe in fresh country air.  We all had a ball, well apart from me in the kitchen, I had a shocker – everything I touched burnt, over cooked or the only thing that did work out (muffins that I made at home as a gift) got snatched and gobbled up by the dog before anyone had a chance to eat them! See what happens when you call yourself a “foodie blogger”, cut right back down to size!


Loving the colour scheme on this shed, so cute!

I took down a side of trout for the grown ups dinner on Saturday night, it marinates for 24 hours in soy and maple syrup, usually amazing. (Will post recipe separately).


The fish itself was delicious (the rice & veggies overcooked) but the glaze went from a glaze to toffee to rock solid stick to your insides and will never, ever budge in less than 1 minute!  Note to self, electric cooktops stay hot even after you turn them off so remove pan! Derr!


I now owe them a new pan!  I helped out with making Fathers Day breakfast the next morning and managed to burn the eggs too so here are some lovely country photo’s to look at instead!


Looks like the light is shining straight down from heaven don’t you think? Gorgeous spot.  While we were admiring the view, GT picked me a bunch of flowers!


And there was lots of horsing around!



Me and my girl, down on the farm!


 How was your weekend? What did you get up to?

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