My Mummy went to England & all I got was a ….cute egg cup for my collection


Mum was in England visiting her 96 year old Mum and my sister, her brand new baby girl and her family.  Mum goes quite regularly to see them and my girls have become very accustomed (spoilt!) to getting special gifts on her return.  (Next post will be on the fabulous books she gave them, so sweet!)  Since having the idea of Boiled Eggs & Soldiers (which has been much longer than I have actually been blogging!) I have been collecting egg cups and all things egg related.  This is a cute addition to the collection, I will call this one the “Stating the Obvious” collection.  Want to see more of it?  Scroll on ….


What did the boy egg say to the girl egg?  Oh look a talking egg!  Sorry that is a bad Dad joke isn’t it?  These are the “Vintage” collection given to me by my besties on a fantastic girls weekend away to Hobart (we try to get away together once a year without kids, last year it was Hobart, this year it’s going to be Noosa, yippee!).  The girls picked these up in the Salamanca Markets while I wasn’t looking.


The “Soldier” Collection. Well I couldn’t have a collection without them could I?  My sister sent these over, unfortunately we have lost the little spoons that came with them (they were used in some very important game in the fairy garden only to be taken by the fairies during the night!).  Anyway I love these ones and they also came with soldier shaped toast cutters so we really can have Boiled Eggs & Soldiers.


The “Yellow” collection, no idea where they came from.


And some more for the “Yellow” collection – I think these came with Easter Eggs


The “Out of Africa” collection, sometimes know as “don’t spill the yolk as they are a bugger to clean” collection


The “Posh” Collection.  These were a wedding present


And finally the “Don’t Mess with Me I’m an Egg in a Silly Hat” collection.


Seen any good egg cups lately? Do you collect anything?  

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