Raw Lime Tarts recipe from BodyFabulous


Umm, hello super healthy, super nutritious little morsels of deliciousness.  These are, in a word, AMAZING!  It’s not my recipe (I’m not that clever) so I’m not bragging but these are such a yummy treat.  Dahlas Fletcher of Body Fabulous very kindly wrote a guest post giving her top 10 tips for fat loss which I’ve posted today.  She did an edit of some of my recipes that could go well with a fat loss goal so I thought I’d return the link love and check out some of her recipes.  This one, for what she calls “Raw Lime Cheesecake” is a true find. I just had one for my lunch.  What?  They are healthy ! Check out the recipe here.

There is in fact, no cheese they are dairy free and also gluten free, paleo and refined sugar free.  Can you guess what is in them?  Lots of nuts, avocado, banana, lime of course, a few dates, a bit of coconut….all good!

I was thinking ahead to next week when I made these (my turn to host Book Club) so I made some as “mini tarts” using mini silicon moulds in a mini muffin tin and have hidden them in the drinks fridge freezer with the hope that no-one looks in there and they will be safe for a week (wishful thinking perhaps)! But I also put the remainder of the mixture in regular sized muffin/cupcake silicon moulds to be eaten now – my turn to do the the neighbourhood kids dinner tonight so am going to try these out for their dessert, lucky kids!  You could also make it as one big “cheese cake” or tart.

Go to Body Fabulous for the recipe but here is my photo step by step guide.  I used the Thermomix (the old version!) but a blender or Vitamix will also work.


First step is to make the base – you don’t have to use moulds you can just grease the tins with coconut oil but I’m never any good at getting things out of tins so thought it would be easier to just pop them out of moulds at the end.


Step 2, after the bases have chilled in the fridge for a bit to set the filling goes on next.  This is what it looks like before being assembled and frozen.



Now I’m very sorry but I forgot to take a photo of step 3 which is the making of the topping but this is a close up photo of the end result so you can see it anyway.  Dahlas suggested putting some cranberries on top too which I have done for some of them, makes them look quite festive don’t you think?  Can you believe that Christmas is not too far away so may have to keep these in mind as a frozen party treat!

There are a few steps involved in these including chilling time but you can get on and do other things in between steps and the beauty of them is, apart from the taste of course, is that they can be made ahead and kept in the freezer.

Will you give them a go?  Go on they are worth it, so are you! 

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