School holiday snack ideas (week 2) frozen, baked & frozen & baked together!


Half way through the second week of school holidays, for those of you on them, how are they going? Have YOU had a holiday? We have been at home so far but are heading off to Melbourne soon for our annual “Mums & Kids” catch up with my 2 best friends and their children (5 girls and 1 boy, bless him).  I can’t wait, it’s like having a holiday with a wife we all look after each other so it’s a chance to share the load, relax, catch up, laugh, drink many beverages and most excitedly go to see Gone Girl at the movies (click for the YouTube trailer… you’re welcome), will let you know what it’s like.

Anyway here are some mostly healthy, extremely quick & easy (apart from freezing time) snacks to dish out during the holidays. Like last week, these recipes are also a good way of getting the kids into the kitchen too.

The sun has been shining on us so we have had a lot of ice block action.


This was actually a frozen yoghurt we made with sweetened greek yoghurt and strawberries but another fave around here is Pomegranate Ice blocks. We just use the 100% Pomegranate Juice and pour it into the moulds and let it freeze.


I’ve previously posted about the benefits of pomegranates  (I seem to talk about them a lot but you can have a read here if you like, I think they are wonderful!)


Super easy and fun to make, not to mention delicious are jam drops.  I even made my own chia seed jam to go on these (a while ago, not this week!) but any jam will do or as a variation use Nutella, yum!

Our family favourites are my Oaty Chia Biscuits (photo is at the top of this post) but I created a special twist to them when I entered a competion a while ago, didn’t win, boo hoo, but these Cold Crunchies are winners.  Frozen Yoghurt Sandwiches


What are you cooking up with the kids these holidays?


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