“Stop carrying on like a pork chop”!


When I was growing up if we were being ridiculous about something we were told to “stop carrying on like a pork chop”.  That saying is often repeated around here these days, especially with two “emotional” little girls!  I had to laugh the other night though when Miss M’s (the 5 year old) response to being told she was being a pork chop was that we had hurt her feelings and her “heart was blue”!  She was so earnest about it too, we tried hard to keep a straight face but it was too cute and her elder sister then started to call her a Smurf!

Only telling that story as there is not much to say about a pork chop dinner.  As you can see from the photo we had it with sweet potato mash, steamed broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus (asparagus is in season now).  I cheated with the apple sauce and used baby puree.

This is a quick and easy meal, it can be made and on the table in 30 minutes.  If you don’t have lots of pots & pans, fancy ovens etc you can steam the greens over the top of the sweet potato while it’s cooking and just do the chops in the fry pan.

Will you get some pork on your fork?


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