Super Salad & advice on which tinned fish is best


Spring is in the air and salad season is upon us.  Are you a salad eater?  I recently did a guest post for Body Fabulous on a daily meal plan for new parents giving simple, quick but nutritious meal suggestions that can also be made one handed if necessary!  This salad was a suggestion for lunch.

A bowl of leafy greens (I do need to brag a bit that the leaves, kale, silver beet and cos lettuce are all home grown from our veggie patch, woo hoo, they are all in there buried at the bottom!),  avocado, cucumber, capsicum, carrot, cherry tomatoes with some form of protein like, tuna, salmon (as in this photo),  cheese, boiled eggs, nuts and/or seeds ( I used sunflower seeds in this one) with some olive oil and lemon juice is a healthy and easy light lunch covering all bases.

If you are curious about which tins of salmon and tuna are better than others you may like to take a read of this article by Nutritionist Susie Burrell.

Do you have a “go to” salad that you make?


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