Thermomix 5 is alive! What’s different about it? Read on…Rather stick pins in your eyes than read about a Thermomix, then this post is probably not for you!


So there has been a lot of heated discussion in the suburbs about the entry of the Thermomix 5.  I still get amazed about the emotional response a Thermomix can get.  It’s just a kitchen appliance (albeit expensive) which you are either into or your not, right?  That said, I do love mine and it has changed my cooking life and outlook.

In the case of the way Thermomix went about releasing the new Thermomix 5 model it’s some of the loyal Thermomix lovers who are a bit hot under the collar this time.  I mentioned this in last week’s newsletter but if you want to read more of the public opinion head over here for angry, here for funny, here for a fan blog comparison, and here for the official word.

Out of curiosity I went to a demo last night at a friends house.  I think the Thermomix in general is AMAZING but this new model is very fancy pants!  They wouldn’t bother releasing a new model if it wasn’t going to be better than the last, would they?

Ok, if you are not remotely interested in the Thermomix this post is not for you but if you are curious to know what you are getting for the special introductory price of $1,989, (until the begining November, no word on what it will go up to) then read on.


 Very sleek new design

The TM 31 model was introduced 10 years ago so it’s quite a long time between updates and a long time to do the research, testing and getting it right you would hope. My Thermomix 31 is exactly a year old (happy birthday Thermie) so unless we win the lottery or some other stroke of luck I won’t be getting at TM 5 any time soon.  One of the reasons we invested in a Thermomix in the first place was it’s durability so hopefully I won’t be needing a new one until at least the Thermomix version 6 comes out in say another 10 years anyway!

Enough of that… what’s different?

The little things:

Bigger capacity – The bowl size is slightly bigger at 2/2 L and the Varoma baskets are slightly bigger too

Bigger blades – to fit in the bigger bowl

Stability – it doesn’t wobble about as much on the benchtop when you are doing heavy mixing so you really can just put it on and walk away

Quieter – both when mixing and the chimes when it’s finished are softer (sounds like a doorbell!)

Turbo function – now has 3 options (I still need to learn how to use Turbo properly!)

Butterfly – is a slightly different design which apparently aerates even better and makes your mash even smoother with the food falling off it easily.

Lights – the green lights on the front turn red when it hits 60 degrees so that it’s a warning to small people not to get too close


Still makes fabulous sorbet – this is a tangelo one, yum (and only one of the glasses of wine is mine, promise, I don’t drink it with ice!)

The big changes:

Starting from the top:

New measuring cup: it has a splatter guard and can only go in one way, it still allows for oils and juices to flow through but is has a pour on it’s lip so less chance of messy spills.

Automatic locking lid – this is what makes it sound like a little robot.  You set the lid on top of the bowl and then these little arms come out and lock the lid on automatically.  When it’s finished chopping or cooking or whatever it will automatically release the lid for you.  How kind!

Lid Seal – is now attached to the lid so it’s all in one

Scales – can be used while cooking eg you know if you are making mayonnaise or something like that and you have forgotten to measure out the oil before you get started you can’t check the weight while it’s on, now you can.  I like that feature as I always forget to weigh it out first

Cooking time – it can cook for up to 99 minutes now rather than the usual 60

Now for the biggest changes:

Recipes & Recipe “Chip” the whole Basic Cook Book has been upgraded and has 182 recipes, all the old and lots of new, I particularly liked the look of the chocolate icecream.  But here’s the biggest thing, apart from the new hardback book all the recipes are on a chip that you can put into the side of the Thermomix and there is a touch screen to set the temperature, time and speed and also where the recipes show up.

There are 3 ways to follow a recipe, manual as per usual, “guided” where the recipe comes up on the screen and it takes you through step by step, telling you the ingredients and method and remembering where you were up to even if you had to stop in the middle. Last but not least fully “automatic” for things like yoghurt where you throw all the ingredients in at once press the screen and away it goes.  It really is automatic cooking at your finger tips!

So in summary:


Thanks to Super Kitchen Machine for the fancy photo comparison I have no idea how to do that yet! 

Do you think I should get a job selling Thermomix?????  Only joking, I have no affiliation with Thermomix other than owning one and am not being paid, sponsored or anything for doing this review.  It’s just topical and I though it might be of interest.

Are you going to get one?  What do you think?



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