You know those seeds from the cucumber baguettes….Cucumber lemonade!


So yesterday we made “cucumber baguettes” for lunch which meant scooping out the middle of the cucumbers.  We saved the pulp and found this so easy and delicious recipe for Cucumber Lemonade on Smitten Kitchen one of my favourite foodie sites.  This lemonade is so delicious and happily it’s warming up here (fingers crossed it lasts) so it’s really refreshing too.


The girls absolutely adored this they wanted their own piece of cucumber on the top of their glasses and kept coming back for more.  (They have set up their own little resort in the garden with a laundry bucket being the swimming pool)!

I can envisage some frozen versions of this lemonade with some Hendricks Gin coming up for summer cocktails, how good would they be????

Will you try it?


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