Book Club, we read “The Invention of Wings”, we ate Baked Olive Oil & Lemon Zest Ricotta and Pomegranate Brownies

book-club-platter-webWe finally got around to having our belated book club last night, it was my turn to host.  The problem with calling yourself a “food blogger” is that the pressure is on to come up with the goods, my experiments are a bit hit and miss sometimes so I thought I’d roll out something tried and tested, plus a fancy cheese platter and if all else failed wine!  Can you believe that 1 of the girls was on a juice detox, one is on a really restrictive diet for allergy testing and another is sugar free, what’s that all about?  They may or may not have gone hungry but we did all have lots of chatter and actually did manage talk about the book this time.  We read…

the invention of wings book

Description from the Book Depository (click through if you want to buy it *)
The No. 1 New York Times bestseller. THE INVENTION OF WINGS by Sue Monk Kidd was selected as an Oprah Book Club 2.0 pick on December 10, 2013. From the celebrated author of the international bestseller The Secret Life of Bees comes an extraordinary novel about two exceptional women. Sarah Grimke is the middle daughter. The one her mother calls difficult and her father calls remarkable. On Sarah’s eleventh birthday, Hetty ‘Handful’ Grimke is taken from the slave quarters she shares with her mother, wrapped in lavender ribbons, and presented to Sarah as a gift. Sarah knows what she does next will unleash a world of trouble. She also knows that she cannot accept. And so, indeed, the trouble begins …A powerful, sweeping novel, inspired by real events, and set in the American Deep South in the nineteenth century, THE INVENTION OF WINGS evokes a world of shocking contrasts, of beauty and ugliness, of righteous people living daily with cruelty they fail to recognise; and celebrates the power of friendship and sisterhood against all the odds.

Have you read it? I loved it while it is a novel it gave me an insight into a time in history I’ve never really known much about and it does evoke some moral questions and got us thinking about what choices we would have made in either characters situation.  Alternate chapters are narrated by Sarah or Handful so you get the contrasting point of view of the same situation.  Sarah Grimke was actually a real person, an abolitionist who wrote “American Slavery As It Is” and became an anti slavery and womens rights campaigner, one of the first of the time, but the story is all fictional.  Handful, the slave girl,  is completely imaginary but completely believable.  Both characters are very brave, both start out without a voice for very different reasons and both manage to become free.  I really recommend this, it’s a great read and you might learn a bit of history and something about yourself too.

Now onto the food part of the evening…


We ate Baked Olive Oil & Lemon Zest Ricotta, you eat it like a dip, I found the recipe a few weeks ago and put a link to it in last weeks newsletter but this was the first time I had actually made it, delicious, do it! We also had some cheeses, wine, of course, and then Pomegranate Choc Chip Brownies for something sweet.  I wrote about these a while ago when I found them on a bikini website (!!!), so you really can eat these while still trying to get into shape for summer!


 Are you in a book club?  What are you reading?  Our next book is;

the truth about harry

* I am part of the Book Depository Affiliate program which means for any book purchased through a link from BE&S I get a small payment from the Book Depository, need to find ways to sustain the blog and habit of purchasing “props”!

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