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I took the girls to Melbourne for the last few days of the holidays.  Each year 2 of my best friends and I try to have a holiday with the kids, we are “godparents” to each others children and we just never seem to catch up enough so the September holidays are it.  My friend Jo lives in Melbourne so it was our turn to visit her given that she is usually the one doing most of the travelling.  So we are 3 Mums, 6 kids, (5 girls, 1 boy, bless him!) ranging from ages 9 (next week) to 5. Busy & noisy.

First day was great excitement arriving and catching up, lots of fun to play with other people’s toys, tear the house apart and have a big group sleep over!  Wine was had by the Mummies! Suffice to say not much sleep so on day 2 when the weather wasn’t looking so good it was off to trampolining to bounce out the energy!


The next day it turned cold so we rugged up and took the kids into the city to have a look around.  It was thrill for the Sydney siders amongst us to get a train as neither of us live near a train line, that was the first tick of approval from the small people (so delighted that they are still young enough to enjoy that sort of thing).  We arrived at Flinders St Station straight into a street performers act!

Melbourne Collage 1Of course we were sitting in the front row so got lots of attention.  Unfortunately for me I got way too much attention and got pulled out of the crowd to the be the “assistant” throwing knives at the performer while he was on a unicycle.  Excruciatingly embarrassing for me (I HATE being the centre of attention, hate it) but a huge buzz for the kids.  Funny the things you do to keep your children happy!  I was given a balloon flower for my efforts which got carried around with us for the rest of the day until it deflated on the way home, a bit like the rest of us!

We went to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) and had a look around.  The kids loved seeing “Toothless” flying above them and also they were all old enough to get a real kick out of the history of the moving image exhibit.  Milly was fascinated to see what the first TV looked like and was I really as old as that (NO!).  We spent a good hour or so just fiddling about with all the things there and then went to South Bank for some lunch.  Eloise liked seeing the sculptures along the river bank and we then had ages on the bridge with all the locks reading the love messages.

I’m usually so busy getting from A to B that I forget to look up, travelling with kids gives you a whole new perspective on things and I made a point of getting them to look up too (they weren’t really very interested!).

Melbourne collage 2Of course you can’t be in Melbourne and not check out the lane ways, the kids were fascinated by the windows especially with the hats all ready for the Melbourne Cup and how cute are those tea cosies!

We got a poor unsuspecting babysitter that night for the kids and the 3 of us went out to dinner with some of Jo’s friends. We went to the Pantry, in Brighton do you know it? Very yummy and even bumped into a gorgeous old friend, completely out of context and so nice to see her.  After dinner we saw “Gone Girl” at the movies (click for Rotten Tomatoes review).  Did you read the book?  It’s stays pretty close to the story and you still come away feeling a bit dirty, not identifying with any of the characters and wondering how many sick, horrible people there are out there in the world but still enjoyed it seeing it!  If you liked the book it’s worth seeing I think.

On our last full day we went on a day trip to the Mornington Peninsula and went to the Red Hill Markets, so many pretty things!

Melbourne collage 3

The main purpose of the trip was to be with our friends but we did manage to get out and about and the kids are now of an age where you can just take off for a day without too much trouble (they will still whinge and whine though no change there!).  It was so lovely to spend proper time with besties, help share the load for a few days and keep connected with the special little people in our lives.

I know this isn’t my usual foodie post (I did slip in a restaurant there though) but wanted to branch out a bit and share a bit of our holidays with you, I hope you don’t mind?

Did you do anything fun in the holidays?

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