Recipe requested, Miso Cod, found & delivered for Janie


Photo credit: Edwina Pickles for The SMH Good Food

My lovely friend, who I don’t see nearly enough of, requested a recipe for Miso Cod.  On a work trip through Asia she had it multiple times for dinner and rather than be sick of it she fell in love with it and asked if I could help find a recipe.  Well Janie it was right under our noses the whole time and was even written up in The SMH Good Food back in July.

I was lucky enough to have it once at Nobu in London (back in the day, yes a name drop but it sooo doesn’t happen these days I have to live off old memories!), it was amazing and here Jill Dupleix has adapted the original Nobu recipe for our dining at home pleasure.

Miso Cod by Jill Dupleix  (does require 12 hours at least to marinate to make it even better).

Let me know when you are making it Janie and I will be over!

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