Many ways with ….Avocados


Do you love yourself an avocado?  I do!  If you want to know more about the nutritional benefits of avocados click here, but believe me they are all good.  I’m on cheeky girls trip away at the moment in the sunshine state so haven’t had too much time (or inclination) to be in kitchen, (am very much enjoying someone else cooking for me and clearing away afterwards), but being in the warmth by the sea has put avocados on my mind.   Here are many ways with avocados, some are mine and some are others recipes because, like I said, I’m on holidays – yippee (more on that later)! Do you have a favourite way with avo’s?

How about starting the day with a green juice – do you think you could drink an avocado?  I was reluctant at first, grossed out actually, but now am a complete convert. Here’s how I do it.


If drinking it is not your thing how about just smashing it on toast or maybe one of these ways…

Avocado CollageSourdough, avocado and a poached egg, sourdough, avo, goats fetta and dukkah (YUM!), on top of corn fritters or as part of the trusty classic tuna melt, which you now want don’t you?

I just found this rather fancier take on avocado on toast and think I will have to try it out when I get home.



Photo credit & recipe for Avocado on Toast with chorizo & fried eggs BBC Good Food

Moving on to meals later in the day how about trying out avocado pesto as a dip with some vegie sticks or crackers or as a spread on a sandwich?


This Cold Avocado Soup by Green Kitchen Stories looks delicious and sounds so interesting – shall we try it?


Photo credit Green Kitchen Stories

You can’t be a child of the 70’s like I am and not have ye olde prawn cocktail with marie rose dressing.


This “deconstructed” one looks good from Sea Salt with Food

For a really quick and easy mid week meal that the whole family likes I use the avocado pesto from above and put it through a chicken pasta, dinner done in less than 30 minutes.


I even made a cake with avocado last week which was delicious if I do say so myself – go easy on the avocado in the icing though as my first attempt was a bit too green, which for some reason doesn’t look so appetising on a cake even though it tasted great.  This was my better version, Avocado Lime Cake, do it, it’s totally a thing (my gluten free Thermomix recipe will be up by the end of the week, promise)!


Last but not least avocado’s are great added with berries and/or banana to make a delicious, healthy, nutritious, dairy free, refined sugar free, gluten free, egg free “icecream”.  This is my 3 ingredients Frozen Fruit Whip and can be made in  2 minutes flat.  Try it!


So there you go, many ways with avocados!  Anything here take your fancy? What do you like to make with avos?

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2 comments on “Many ways with ….Avocados

  1. Sonia Life Love Hiccups
    November 12, 2014 at 9:10 am

    I absolutely adore avocados… but I have to admit I have NEVER EVER thought about drinking one. I am curious enough to try though 😉 xx

    • Vicki
      November 13, 2014 at 4:36 pm

      Let me know what you think!

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