Out & About in Sydney – Sculptures by the Sea & a Melbourne Cup Lunch


If you live in Sydney have you had a chance to see Sculptures by the Sea this year?  I went last week and loved it.  I don’t always “get” art but love the whole idea of bringing it to the people.  And there were thousands of people but it was a glorious Sydney spring day and there was lots of interesting things to look at, some being the people but mostly the art!   For those of you who can’t / haven’t been here is a quick round up of a few of my favourites.

SS1 Collage

Did you have one of those spiral drawing sets when you were growing up?  I did, loved it, the one on the top right reminded me of that or a giant slinky.  The bottom right looks like it’s from Jurassic Park don’t you think and the little man in the middle has thrown his bag over his shoulder and is calmly and serenely running away from the thousands of school kids.

SS 2

Out of the frying pan…don’t know who that lovely lady is though posing in my photo, the stick tower was very impressive right on the edge of the cliffs and the peacock found his place to spread his feathers in full glory.

A new feature this year was …


The Grounds of Alexandria would have to be one of my favourite places to eat/coffee/hang out in Sydney so I was delighted to find it had popped up in Bondi for the duration.  It was doing a roaring trade.


I treated myself to this juice at the end of the walk, really, really yummy!

So moving away from fresh air and exercise to excessive eating and drinking … I went to a fabulous Melbourne Cup Lunch, fabulous darling!  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write about Melbourne Cup after the tragic death of 2 of the horses which really made me sad.  I’ve never really given the ethics of horse racing too much thought before now as I’ve always just seen it as a fun day out.  Do you have a view? Given that we live right next to a race course and are surrounded by horses I can see on a daily basis how well cared for they are and I’ve always likened them to elite athletes running races.  But this post isn’t about that I’m not informed enough to have a strong opinion either way, what I do know is, on the lighter side of things, I love a chance to frock up and go out to a fancy lunch.  It doesn’t happen all that often these days so Tuesday was a good excuse to go out to a great restaurant and have some fun with some friends.

We went to a function at Mojo, Luke Mangans HQ in Danks St Waterloo, so much fun.

MC1 Collage

Well firstly, hello to Madame Coco!  Have you met her before? New to me and we had quite a good time with her to say the least and will be stalking her from now on!  There was an amazing menu, oysters, raw kingfish (was delish), prawn and pork belly taco’s (pork belly was yummo).

MC2 Collage

In between the eating was some mook betting, I bet on Hugh Jarse but Long Face was the winner.  The lamb cutlets were also a winner but coming in with a very strong finish was a soft swiss meringue with berry compote, divine.

MC3 CollageThe fillies were also out with lots of feathers, flowers and fun times, sorry things got a bit blurry towards the end.

And then the big race was over and with a bump back to reality went home to do the night time routine!

Have you been out & about lately?  What have you been loving in your town this week?


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2 comments on “Out & About in Sydney – Sculptures by the Sea & a Melbourne Cup Lunch

  1. Sonia Life Love Hiccups
    November 7, 2014 at 8:09 am

    I am hating on myself for not getting out there for this. I meant to… I totally meant to. But time got away again! I love that random woman in your photo. That is seriously hilarious, it looks like she is smiling for you! xx

    • Vicki
      November 8, 2014 at 7:14 am

      Ha, doesn’t she! It’s on until Sunday, not too late….

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