Welcome to our Frozen Palace where some people really are worth melting for


So, “Frozen”, it’s over a year old now and we’ve all been to at least 100 things Frozen related including the week before’s ballet concert and seen the movie how many times??? but I have one little person however, and at least 15 of her classmates who are most definitely NOT over it.  They will not “Let it Go”!  Miss 5 is now Miss 6 and she had a Frozen party to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Okay, I admit it I went all out for it too!


She said it was the best day of her life!  Made it all worth while and certainly melted my heart.  Check out the “Top Deck” hair though

What do you call a bunch of Elsa’s in a small space?  That’s a genuine question… an epiphany of Elsa’s, an extravaganza of Elsa’s? What ever you call it they were definitely excitable, entertaining and of course exquisite.


As you can see in addition to the Elsa’s there was an Olaf, a bee, Rapunzel, some brave boys who are down with it and a big sister too cool for school (but secretly loving it)! 

I have to give the big Queen Elsa from Fairy Crystal & Friends a big shout out as she was fantastic and had all of them enthralled for an hour and a half which is quite a feat and she was sooo nice!

Having never really bothered to “theme” a kids birthday party before we (actually no we about it), I, DIYed the party in Frozen to the max!  I got a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, even created my own Frozen Party Ideas Board, a new skill!  (check it out here if you like).

So this is what I did….

unnamed“Kristoff’s Ice” with a melting Olaf made from Lemonade Jelly, marshmallows, mini M&M’s and pretzel sticks

Frozen Party collage

I downloaded the free printable labels for the water bottles and food from “poshtartparties.com”.  It was all really simple food popcorn, pretzels, baby carrots, marshmallows, some cupcakes and maltesers for Sven’s Poo – they loved that, 6 year old toilet humour!  As it was such a hot day the frozen fruit (Elsa’s Ice Crystals) went down a treat too!

Behind the scene’s I had a near disaster with the cupcakes following on from the total disaster I had with the “snowflake” butter biscuits that truly did melt.


Wasn’t really paying attention to what I was doing and filled the patty cases too high (big mess in the bottom of the oven, must clean that) and then randomly just left one out of the oven all together!

Good thing that icing covers all mistakes and the kids didn’t care anyway!

Miss 6 couldn’t really decide what cake she wanted but conned me into buying the whole range of plastic figures from one of those stalls that sell all the movie merchandising crap in the middle of the shopping centres, you know the ones, she also got her “wig” from there too, such a good negotiator that child!  So, anyway I thought I could do a passable job on a cake by just sticking those on but then I rose to the challenge!  Ta Dah!


 Olaf went a bit wild & crazy before the party and lost his head and we banished Hans to the back of the tray!

What is the cake you ask?  The bottom layer is actually my oldie but a goodie Banana Cake as Miss 6 loves that (recipe is here and I just made it in a lined slice tray rather than a loaf tin using the same quantities as the the recipe).  For the “mountains” I used Julie Goodwin’s Never Fail Butter Cake recipe (will blog about that another time).  I halved the quantities and used some Dolly Varden tins I had at the back of the cupboard left over from the Barbie Ice cream cakes of previous years (you know the ones!) It’s just a simple butter frosting and then I made the “ice shards’ by following good old Martha’s recipe here  and added some blue food colour (blue food colouring is a pet hate of mine but I had to turn a blind eye for the day!).

But wait, there’s more!  Instead of the usual goodies bags we gave everyone a “Do you want to build a snowman kit” (another idea from Pinterest).


I downloaded the bag toppers from this Etsy shop. We filled zip lock bags with a 1 normal marshmallow (head) 1 giant marshmallow (body random find in the fruit & vege shop), 2 marshmallow bakes (legs) 2 brown M&M’s (eyes) 3 brown mini (M&M’s), 1 orange jelly bean, 2 pretzel sticks (for arms) 2 more pretzel sticks.

If you want some more very random trivia on all things Frozen this buzzfeed post is quite funny.

Because I want the girls to understand that they are very lucky to be able to have birthday parties and presents and to really appreciate all that they have I get them to write thank you’s to their friends for coming to the party and for the presents.   That’s an important thing for me and I’m old school and love snail mail.


And there you have it, a “Frozen” party on a 35 degree day.  Thank goodness for air con but I’m still finding glitter everywhere!

Do you theme kids parties?  Is Frozen still alive and kicking in your neck of the woods?  Any ideas you like here?


2 comments on “Welcome to our Frozen Palace where some people really are worth melting for

  1. Karin @CalmtoConniption
    November 28, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    Well done Mama! Looks brilliant. Will be definitely hiring an entertainer for my son’s parties, money well spent I think!

    • Vicki
      November 29, 2014 at 4:47 pm

      Thank you! Definitely money well spent – was probably one of the most stress free parties we’ve had!

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