And then she was 8! A bit about her and what we ate…plus tips for a DIY “art” party.


Only a few months ago this scrap of a girl was too scared to jump too high, run too fast or take a risk.  Over the summer holidays she blossomed into a fearless young girl willing to give anything a go, jump off jetties, flip on a trampoline, ask a shopkeeper for something she wanted all by herself and tackle dyslexia face on. Summer, sunshine and a loosening of the rules will do that for you. Today she turned 8.  I love her so.

I can’t believe she is already 8 or that I have a child who isn’t so little anymore.  How did that happen? (well ok I know how it happened, she is a wedding night baby after all) but where did all those years go?  There are so many tangents I could go off on right now but today I’m going to stick to the foodie theme and share what we did for little party we had for her yesterday.

Her birthday is always right before, or like today on the day that school starts for the year so we try and do something special for her in the holidays or like last year 3 months after the date!  Unexpectedly 2 years ago my beloved Dad and her precious Poppa passed away the day after her birthday and as she said at the time she had “the best day of her life followed by the worst day of her life”.  It was the worst day of my life too and we miss him every day but he wouldn’t have wanted to detract from her special day and seeing her happy gave him so much joy.  While his passing is still raw for me I’m conscious of making her birthday full of light, love and laughter so bring on the festival of Miss 8.


Now Miss 8 loves herself some craftiness so that is what we did.  I wasn’t expecting rain though and was in a mild panic the whole time about having 10 kids in the lounge room doing, craft with me the only adult around.  Who does that????  I hate them painting at home at the best of times but now I had 10 of them!!!!  Deep breaths, deeeeep breaths.

Normally when we have playdates I supply food occasionally, respond if there is screaming but generally leave them to get on with it.  With this party and because of the rain “structured play” was required.  Luckily, we have a long hallway so we started with balloon races – seeing how big you could blow up a balloon and how far it would fly (inspired by just seeing “Paper Planes”, loved that movie, have you seen it?).  That took up 15 minutes and got a lot of hot air out of them too!

balloon races

During balloon races & the aftermath

Before the party the girls had made their own “marshmallow delights” that the kids ate “on arrival” of course, matched with chips.


After the balloon races they had a game of “Chinese Whispers”, they still find toilet humour hilarious so that was the gist of most of the whispers,  but amused them no end and then the craft began with clay modelling (again, who does that???) of what they would like to eat for lunch.  Some random, but let’s be encouraging, oh so creative meals were constructed ranging from sushi (healthy!), to ice creams (as expected), pizzas, tennis players (???) and what was supposed to be an oven I believe to cook everything in!

So that brings us to lunch…

party foodFruit skewers because kids like things on a stick, my attempt at being healthy hummus & veggie cups (the effort wasn’t really appreciated), chicken & pumpkin sausage rolls (because kids like things wrapped in pastry don’t they & the obligatory tomato sauce), jelly (red at the bottom, green on top can’t you tell??) with frozen yoghurt bites.


 There’s always one! He was the only boy bless him, in a few years he will be delighted by that!

Once lunch was done the scavenger hunt around the house was on to find all the things needed to paint on mini canvases.  When we first decided on a arty party, inspired by gorgeous pictures on Pinterest it was with doing it all outdoors in mind, rain and subsequently this (see below) was not part of the plan!  They don’t show this on Pinterest do they?


Thankfully a friend arrived back to help out at this point as I was getting just a teensy bit anxious about paint on the furniture and all over the floors!  Not that I was looking at my watch but the 2 hours was nearly up.  With 5 minutes to go…Cake time.


Ta Dah!

A paint pallet for the Artist! I did Quirky Cookings Choc Banana Cake for the bottom half (halving the recipe) and a basic vanilla butter cake for the top with butter frosting.  I found the coloured fondant icing ready made in the supermarket (happy days!).

So there you have it 2 hours of 8 year old party fun, fun, fun!  I then had to make 24 cupcakes for her to take to school today but this exercise was aided by a big glass of wine.  Lucky she is worth it and really I do get a kick out of parties even if crafting with kids isn’t really my thing and extra lucky that they were back at school today and I could go for coffee and eat the leftovers in silence!  Dinner was made by someone else tonight!

Do you need some “Frozen” party ideas inspiration – we did that for the 6 year old last November. I do admit to being a bit carried away with the theme but thankfully we have all “Let it go” now anyway click on the link if you are still frozen in time.

What do you do for birthday parties?  Find any inspiration here?  Do you do “craft” at home?


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