Bake Play Smile’s Granola


I am a massive granola fan and we (I) seem to get through a lot here each week.  I love it topped with yoghurt for breakfast or even as something to munch on during the day.  The stuff I like though, does seem to be ridiculously expensive (no surprises there!) and so when I saw that Lucy from Bake Play Smile had made her own and made it sound so easy I decided to also give it a try.

Pop over to Bake Play Smile to check out the recipe for her homemade Almond, Cranberry and Coconut Oil Granola.  It’s deelish!

As a variation I also added some, chia, linseed, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds to the mix and I’m going to try swapping the honey with maple syrup too just because I like it in the one that I usually buy and see if I can make it taste the same.

Do you make your own granola or muesli?  Care to share the recipe?



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