Zamamabakes Beef Cheeks


I’ve made Zamamabakes “Easy Peasy Beef Cheeks” 2 weekends in a row now so I thought that if you didn’t know about them yet I’d introduce you as they are delicious and as they are called, easy!  The first time I made them I got the beef cheeks from the supermarket and cooked them in the oven following Zamama’s recipe and they were delicious but the second time I got the cheeks from the butcher (had to order them in) and then did them in the slow cooker for 9 hours with double the recipe as we were at our friends farm and out all day. Oh my, they were amazing!  As it’s not my recipe why don’t you pop over here to Zamamabakes to check it out – it’s a great one and made all the better for sitting on a bed of sweet potato mash!

This meal will warm your belly and you will have some extra gravy to keep for another day too, yum!


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