Your Weekly Feed #47

Private Dining Fiji

Hello there.  I hope you had a good week?  Ours was quite special in Fiji, apart from the gastro bug bug that travelled with us and struck down 5/13 of us. Luckily it was only 24 hours each but it was not pretty, unlike the location we were in which was stunning, don’t you agree?  The top photo was the table setting for the private dinner we arranged for Mum’s birthday on the beach, it really was picture perfect!  But alas I’m back to being the cook now and so I was delighted to see all the amazing recipes linked up into Your Weekly Feed last week.  Have you tried any out yet?

A special thanks to Kim who visited everyones sites who linked up and shared on social media in my absence. Now that I’ve had a chance to check out all the deliciousness going on my meal plan in the near future will be Slow Cooker Meatball Romanov shared by Kate’s Weekend Kitchen.  One the whole family will be sure to scoff down I think!

meatballs romanov

This Crispy Skinned Barramundi on lemon & pea risotto from Good Food Week is my type of food, how about you?

crispy skinned barramundi


Also going on my meal plan soon is The Annoyed Thyroids Chicken with Red Pepper Crust because it’s quick, easy and looks really tasty too.

Chicken with a red pepper crust

While I may have eaten too much of the yellow food group while we were away, ie fries and need to get back into healthy eating and shift a few excess kilos too (I didn’t get the bug btw, touch wood I don’t either) I couldn’t go past sharing Bake Play Smiles Cheats Banoffee Tarts because they look like just the thing to whip up for dessert when you need something delicious in a hurry with minimal effort too!

Cheats Banoffee Tarts

With ANZAC Day fast approaching it was great to see 2 new (to me) ANZAC recipes linked up too.  Create Bake Make has some fab looking Almond Anzac Biscuits and The Annoyed Thyroid created some Anzac Crumble Banana Choc Chip Muffins which are begging to be made too. You should check both these recipes out too if you are an Anzac baker.

So now it’s over to Kim at Land of Zonkt to see her picks from last week and then your turn to link up or send emails or just put together a meal plan and shopping list!

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