Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin & Tonic

Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin & Tonic

Firstly, I’m so sorry for skipping April & May in the “try a new style of gin each month of the year” challenge but secondly, how about this Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin & Tonic? Worth the wait? Let’s say that this is April’s contribution to the challenge and next week I’ll share May’s & the week after June. World Gin Day falls on the 10th June so it’s probably only fitting that I share  3 recipes this month anyway!!

Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin & Tonic

Now any type of gin will work well with this but one recipe I saw suggested a citrus-y one and another friend who is an absolute gin encyclopaedia suggested Wilderer. I didn’t happen to have that handy (!) so went with Tanq 10 instead, whatever, it really doesn’t matter. This would probably work well with Vodka too so if you try please let me know.

Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin & Tonic

So this is very straight forward to do…

Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin & Tonic


  • 50 ml gin
  • 2 large or 3 small strawberries
  • 2 twists black pepper
  • Tonic water
  • ice


  1. Pour the gin into your glass of choice
  2. Slice one large or 2 small strawberries, thinly and add them to the glass
  3. Add ice & 2 twist of black pepper from a pepper mil
  4. Top up with tonic, stir and garish withe the remaining strawberry
  5. Cheer, enjoy!

The recipe is for one glass so repeat as often as you like, however, in the interests of the responsible service of alcohol you may like to serve it up with:

Avocado Pesto Dip or Minty Pea Pesto Dip, Parmesan & Herb Crusted Zucchini for example!

Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin & Tonic


The January Gin Challenge was Ruby Grapefruit & Rosemary, February was Strawberry, Vanilla & Basil and March was Lime & Thyme G &T’s. As promised I will post May’s next week followed by June’s.

Are you a gin fan? Are you taking part in our challenge? Got any suggestions? 


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