Interested in product reviews, giveaways or sponsored posts on BE&S? I definitely will consider this if the content fits with the theme of the blog and is of interest to our readers.  If you have a giveaway or product that you would like us (well, me) to consider, please contact me via the contact page 

Please keep in mind, if I am going to present something to my fabulous readers, I really need to try it out first and I have to love it.  I only want to do the right thing by the blog and readers.

Recent Campaign Success

My review of the Big W Ultimate Kitchen Machine (with a comparison to the Thermomix) attracted over 15,000 hits to BE&S, and generated lots of discussion with significant comment engagement on my blog and social media pages plus an enormous amount of discussion on Big W’s FB page with the link.  You can check out the post here.

Examples of some other reviews can be found herehere, hereherehere, here and also here or take a look on the Blog page under “Reviews” (funny that), “Book Club” or “Cook Books/Foodie Blogs” or “This, That and a bit of Chat”!

Product Reviews collage

If you have any other ideas about collaborating I’m all ears so please do get in contact.
Thank you.